Keihin IPT Mfg., Inc.
Keihin IPT Mfg., Inc. is involved and supports the Greenfield Sister City exchange of students between Greenfield, Indiana and Kakuda City, Japan. The Kakuda participants are chosen students (12) from the school systems and are welcomed into homes of Greenfield families to live and intermix with students of the same age here in the United States. The chaperones (2) are usually connected to the Japanese School System and enjoy living with American adults here in the United States and visiting our schools to
compare information with American Teachers. The Greenfield Sister Cities Organization makes plans for the children and chaperones to visit schools here in Greenfield, Indiana and to see as many places as possible while they are here in Indiana.

The Japanese visitors during a recent visit were treated to American food at each function including a Pacers Game, the Indianapolis Zoo, museums, scrapbook designing and the Keihin Plant Tour with lunch. The visitors had lots of time with their host families and to team up with other host families to go bowling, movies, water parks, pitch-in dinners and time being at their “New” United States home with their “new” American family. Teaming American Families with each visitor gives the Japanese children American life first hand, by including them as part of each family. The hosting families find the experience with the Japanese Students and Chaperones a memorable one as well.

The communication between the visiting Japanese and the American children and adults are limited at first, but before the end of the Japanese visit, everyone is at ease and the “families” have learned how to get the information understood. It seems like no sooner than they arrive, they have to leave. The bonds that form continue long after they return back to Japan. E-mails and phone conversations still keep families in touch along with some that send gifts back and forth on special occasions.

Keihin IPT Mfg., Inc. is proud to have started this tradition with Kakuda City and the company will continue to support this endeavor between the two countries. The Greenfield, Indiana exchange students (10) and chaperones (2-3) are proud to visit Japan in June for several days of each year and live with Japanese families in Kakuda City, Japan, as well. The bonds are just as strong between Japanese families and the American children and Chaperones visiting. The experience of living with Japanese is similar to what the
Japanese go through living here, it is amazing how similar it really is.

The Greenfield Sister Cities organization has an abundance of applications to go through, interviewing each applicant and making a decision of who is chosen to travel to Japan. The same process is followed for choosing the chaperones.

Keihin Indiana Precision Technology, Inc. (KIPT) is a leading manufacturer of automotive systems, including air and fuel management systems, HVAC systems and electronic control systems. The company has manufacturing plants in Muncie, Indiana and Tarboro, North Carolina, in addition to the plant in Greenfield.

City of Greenfield
Greenfield is the county seat of Hancock County and home to 14,000 Hoosiers. With unemployment rates among the lowest in the nation, Greenfield boasts thousands of manufacturing, service, and professional jobs.

Greenfield is also home to rich cultural and recreational resources. From its schools and library to its parks and historic downtown, Greenfield offers something for everyone. Accented by annual events such as the Riley Festival and Entertainment on the Plaza, Greenfield is a great place to live!

Beyond all these opportunities, Indianapolis is just a 15-minute drive away. Greenfield is close enough to Indy’s “big city” amenities without losing it’s own small town identity.

Famed poet and Greenfield native James Whitcomb Riley described his birthplace as “the best home outside of heaven.”